In-class lecture on women in the Tang Dynasty and hanout on Wu Zeitian's life.

HOMEWORK:     ** Read pp. 348-352 on the Song Dynasty by Monday's class. Complete relevant section of timeline sheet.
                             ** Prepare information on invention. Be ready to create tour tomorrow.
LESSON FOR TUESDAYS CLASS IN RM. 230: Examine the Map of the Han Dynasty and look at the map of the Silk Road (provided in class by me. Open the Google Earth Tour and follow the tour, answering the questions on the 'Geography of the Silk Road' handout.

When you open the Google Earth Document, you must do the following steps to explore the tour.

1. Minimize the Tour Guide banner at the bottom of the page.
2. Expand as many levels as possible under the Silk Road folder on the left-hand bar of the page
3. Highlight the Silk Road title (the 2nd one) in the 'folder list' so to speak.
4. An icon that resembles a folder should appear in the left-hand bar at the bottom of the 'Pages' section.
5. Click on this icon and you should get a control bar that appears with a play and pause button.
6. Play the tour until you get to a destination. Press pause. Click on the hyperlinked name of the destination on the left-hand side. A text bubble should open up. Read the section and answer the corresponding questions from the handout (google earth question sheet)
7. Close the text bubble, press play to go to the next destination, pause, open the link. Repeat :)
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Read the document below and complete the embedded activities and answer the questions.
Read pp. 346-347 in Echoes

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Play Mahjong

Learn about your Chinese Zodiac sign

Explore and undertake various challenges on the British Museum`s site on Ancient China
Started lesson on these three doctrines and examined the role of women in Confucian thought.
Lesson will continue Monday.

HOMEWORK: Read about the Qin dynasty and fill in appropriate boxes on Ancient China Timeline.
Women & Neo-Confucianism
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Below is the slide presentation from class, as well as the handout on modern-day problems.

HOMEWORK: For Wednesday, please complete 3 'if-then' analyses from the Women & Neo-Confucianism handout and ask a family member for their take on one of the scenarios. Analyse their answer to see which philosophy of thought they fall into.

REMINDER: Critical Challenges in Google Drive for Tuesday (check out resources for tips on writing a critique)
Three doctrines
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In Thursday's class we looked at the major dynasties and time periods of ancient China and the impact of geography on ancient China. We then briefly discussed neolithic society before examining the Shang dynasty a bit more closely.

HOMEWORK: Read about the Zhou dynasty and fill in relevant information in the timeline sheet.
Intro to China - slides
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Additional: Shang Zhou timeline
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Handout: Ancient China timeline
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